The question “Why Is Resveratrol The Biggest Medical Discovery Since Antibiotics?” can be answered by comparing the two. Because it is in comparison that you’ll see the significance of the two drugs however different they are from each other, in kind and in function.

If you put the function of the antibiotic in the form of a list you’ll see this:

– It cures infections.

On the other hand, if you list down functions of resveratrol, you’ll see this:

– It prevents some forms of cancer.
– It can treat diabetes.
– It prevents the development of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases.
– It prevents cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis from occurring.
– It possesses anti-inflammatory properties preventing diseases like arthritis.
– It has anti-aging effects.
– It is also an anti-viral substance.
– It helps you lose weight.
– It elongates life expectancy.

As you can see, just comparing the sheer number of their functions, the resveratrol completely outnumbers the antibiotic.

Penicillin was derived from a kind of fungus. Well, as for resveratrol, several Best keto gummies sources are readily available for your consumption. The skin of grapes and blueberries are fine sources of this substance. However, the most concentrated natural source would have to be the Acai Berry. This palm is found in the Amazon of Brazil.

Another source would have to be red wine. This greatly explains why the French have a low number of heart problems and other cardiovascular diseases even with their sumptuous love for fatty foods. It is the “French Paradox,” as people call it. Their undying love for fatty foods equaled with consumption of generous amounts of red wine gives them protection from diseases that may arise from such provisions.

Before the antibiotic was discovered, people would die due to simple infections. They would call it witchcraft, sorcery or the wrath of nature because it is something that can not be cured. After the invention of the antibiotic, however, people found a way to treat the infected and finally accepted these infections as ordinary physical maladies.