Qualifying stages for the World Cup 2010 are almost over, with the competition taking place in less than a year. Now seems like a good time to appraise which teams might falter and which may perform well. At the conclusion of the playoffs, when the teams are finalized, several of the future qualifiers may turn out to be expected trophy winners.

A major factor in who may have the highest likelihood of becoming World Cup Champions is where the competition would be held. Africa will host its first World Cup competition in 2010. Exhaustion from travel could be a factor for teams from Europe and the Americas, while African teams could benefit from playing on their home soil.

When the competition was held for the first time in Asia in 2002, some peopleufabet สมัครผ่านมือถือ said the same. However, European and South American teams remained in command for that particular event as well. The African teams have shown great promise and are now considered serious contenders in football along with the two primary continents.

The only probable finalists expected to come from the teams already seated in the finals are Spain and Brazil. Aside from a misstep in the Confederations Cup, recently, Spain is looking like the team that won Euro 2008. Their errors in the Confederations Cup may actually prove to help educate them on what they need to avoid in the 2010 competition.

Moving past a rocky start when Dunga first commanded the team, Brazil now looks to be the team to beat. They sent a strong message with their win recently over Argentina and look to be ready to take the 2010 World Cup. Brazil’s capacity to combine pure talent with contemporary organization, seems to be a winning combination for them.

There are also a few other notables who are worth noting who also mostly come from the commanding continents. Joining Spain and Brazil, England, Holland, and Ivory Coast are expected to be among the validated countries in the list of finalists. Unlike Spain and Brazil however, these three have lacked consistency and power over this past year which will be a concern.

As things stand right now, with the final group of countries not yet decided, Brazil would be the favorite to wi