Football fans, be forewarned: the NFL may go on strike in 2011. Owners and players are locked in disagreement.

There is a current agreement in place, but it looks like this won’t save the 2011 season. The owners are backing out of this agreement, and it is looking like there will be a strike. The first step toward strikeเว็บบอล ufabet ออนไลน์ is to have an uncapped season, and this is already being set up for 2010-2011. Unless the disagreement is resolved, next year we will have a lot less excitement on Monday nights.

The potential strike, if it happens, will be caused by what owners see as unfair salaries going to players. Specifically, owners want a different rookie wage scale, so that they can give new players less lucrative contracts in case the player doesn’t work out.

Currently, this isn’t how new players are compensated. At present, owners have to entice new players with extravagant salaries that are guaranteed, even if the players don’t turn out to perform as expected.

The overall pay scale in the NFL is also under attack by owners. Currently, players are entitled to 59.5% of the total revenues that the league brings in. Owners are not happy about this. They have to deal with falling revenues at the same time that they have to manage the rising costs of maintaining stadiums.

Also, owners have the whole of costs for promotion and league development. They bear all of the costs but have to pay out the majority of the profits out to another group that doesn’t spend a dime on promotion.