Speed training for football is every bit as important as strength training. You have to develop a blend of strength, speed, explosive power and intuitiveness to become the total athletic package that will dominate on the field on battle! Players that rank high amongst their peers outperform them in events like the 10 yard and 40 yard sprints. Often, the difference between good and excellent boils down to speed alone.

There is also an important lesson to be learned about the differences between speed and acceleration. In the majority of plays during a football game, most players do not cover more than 15 to 20 yards. This means that most players never even reach their top speed. Instead, they find it more advantageous to be able to produce explosive bursts of acceleration. For that reason, we can easily deduce that when speed training for football, it is not beneficial to www.ufabet concentrate on 100 or even 50 yard sprints. You need to focus on short runs – sprints that have relevance to the tasks at hand.

Effective Methods for Increasing Acceleration

While some people are born to run faster than others, everyone can enhance their speeds and acceleration times. You have within you the power to become a faster runner – a more explosive attacker or defender. Here are some important factors in doing so:

1. To increase your speed off the line, you need to increase your overall strength.

1.1. The more power that can be exerted from your leg muscles each and every time that they push your body off of the ground, the faster you will accelerate.
1.2. You have to develop both your strength and your contraction speed within your muscles. When you enhance either one of these factors, you will run faster. When you increase both, you go twice as fast.

2. To increase your muscular contraction speed, you need to concentrate your efforts on short sprints and plyometric training.
2.1. Plyometric training is jumping – normally performed just with your own body weight. Adding weights to your ankles or by any other means can quickly lead to muscle and tendon tears. An injured warrior sits the bench and misses the battle. Be careful!