Well there are many debates that go around as to which is the most important meal to a bodybuilder. While some say that you simply can’t be a serious bodybuilder if you don’t take your breakfast seriously, others stick to the pre-workout meal as being the most important one. While we can not truly draw a conclusion of who is right based Sr9009 on real scientific facts, I must say that both are very important.

Time and time again you have heard it being said that the nutrition forms the biggest part of your physique. Well if you have never, then I guess now you know. A very big percentage probably more than 85% of those ripped abs and huge calves are a product of the steaks and vegetables you’ve been eating. If you’re doing a shoddy job in terms of how you are eating, then you need to style up. That is if you want to generate exceptionally good results of your workouts.

The pre-workout meal is very important to every bodybuilder. If you don’t know what a pre-workout meal is, it is simply the meal you eat before you hit the gym or start your workout. Working out requires you to use a lot of energy and you therefore have to have the required amount of energy. Just like a car needs fuel to run on, your body needs its energy sources to be more precise, carbohydrates. Just like in the other meals, you have to balance it. I will suggest that you eat a bigger portion of carbohydrates to provide our body with the required energy. By pre-workout, I don’t mean that you should pass through your kitchen and have a full meal before hitting the gym. You should have this meal at least an hour before the time when you should start your workout.

Now let’s take a look at breakfast and its importance to your body. I’m not trying to convince you that it is important, I’m just emphasizing on exactly how important it really is for your body. A good breakfast will provide your body with a steady amount of energy to last you throughout the better part of your day. If you’re still taking a cup of tea and two slices of toasted bread, then you really need professional help! You seriously don’t expect your body to run on that especially if your job description is another form of High Intensity Training.