In 1961 Manchester United’s scout in Northern Ireland, Bob Bishop, telegrammed the clubs’ legendary manager Matt Busby in a state of unusual excitement.

“I think I have found you a genius,” he eagerly explained.

He had indeed. But neither Bishop, Busby nor anybody else could have imagined the ราคาต่อรองบอล ufabet impact his skin and bone, fifteen year old discovery would make on Manchester United, football throughout the world and society as a whole.

On the recommendation of Bishop this “genius”, George Best, was packed off to Manchester along with another prospect, Eric McMordie, for a two week trial. Fazed by their journey into the unknown and immediately homesick the youngsters scarpered back to Belfast before the first week was through.

Busby had already seen enough to know that one of these youngsters was worth pursuing and the United boss wrote to George Best’s father urging him to send his boy back to Manchester, assuring him that George had what it took to enjoy a bright future in the game.