December 11, 1989 – Joe Montana And John Taylor Come Up Big On Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football is one of the biggest stages for professional sports. The eyes of the American sports viewing public, and in some cases football fans from around the world, are all fixed on the two teams ufabetบนมือถือ going at it on Monday night. This seems to have always been the case, and it was definitely so on December 11th, 1989.

The San Francisco 49ers were 11-2 and on the road in Anaheim to take on the 9-4 Los Angeles Rams. This was right in the heart of the dominating 49ers teams that featured Joe Montana, Roger Craig, Jerry Rice, and the rest of the great players of the era. On this night though it wasn’t Jerry Rice that would be making headlines, it was his counterpart who usually lined up on the other side of the formation, wide receiver John Taylor.

Joe Montana had one of the best performances of his career, completing 30 of 42 passes for 458 yards and three interceptions. John Taylor, a great receiver in his own right but often overshadowed by the rich talent of this great team, would have the best night of his career. He caught a 92 yard touchdown pass in the second quarter and then added a fourth quarter 95 yard touchdown score. He would finish the night with 11 catches for 286 yards and two touchdowns.

The 49ers dropped behind 17-0 early in the game and then at the end of the third quarter were trailing 24-10. Montana, Taylor, Rice, Craig, and Brent Jones would bring the team back though in the fourth quarter and win by the final score of 30-27. The 49ers of the late 1980’s were truly something else to watch and they and the Rams made this one of the most exciting Monday Night Football matchups ever.

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